In my own words


My book, Elisabeth's Lists: A Family Story, was published by Granta on March 1st 2018. Described as 'both a vivid memoir and a moving study of the familial threads that bind us, even beyond death', and ‘hauntingly beautiful’, it tells the story of my long-lost grandmother's life through a book of handwritten lists she left behind. You can buy the book here and here.

I have appeared at various events including Granta Birth of the Book at Essex Book Festival, the Aye Write! Festival in Glasgow, Radio 4’s Saturday Live, a cocktail and book reading event, and several interviews on BBC radio in places connected to my book. I’d love to do more speaking events so get in touch with me or my agent Natalie Galustian at DHH Literary Agency if you’d like to discuss future events. 

I have taught creative and life writing at Charleston Farmhouse and on the Creative Writing Programme in Brighton.

You can find my work here:

  • A piece I wrote and performed at a local story cabaret night, about the Museum of Broken Relationships

  • A short piece on winter walks in Sussex for the Guardian

My work has appeared in various publications, including the Guardian, EasyLiving magazine, Mail on Sunday YOU magazine, Co-operative Food magazine,  EasyJet magazine and Green Parent magazine, amongst others.  

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