Photo credit: Sarah Weal

Photo credit: Sarah Weal

Want to get words working for your business? I can help.

What I can do for you

I understand the challenges businesses face in producing, editing and curating an ever-growing stream of quality content. You may be too busy to revamp your website, or stuck when it comes to writing about yourself. Maybe you know you need to be writing a blog but just don't know where to start. Whether you need long-form copy or a snappy press release, let me do the work for you. I love the challenge of honing, researching and writing content that translates into results for my clients. You can see examples of my work here, along with some testimonials.

Who I am

After leaving university I worked as a secondary school teacher because I thought I needed a 'proper' job, but I always felt the pull of something more creative. In 2002, after a spell traveling in Australia during which I had my first child and failed to learn how to surf, I decided to focus my energy where my passion lay and took a distance writing course. I got a freelance gig writing a column about parenting for a local magazine and wrote articles for print publications. I loved the work so much I decided to quit teaching and commit wholeheartedly to a freelance career (no more marking! No more kids jumping out of cupboards wearing Scream masks!) and upskilled in proofreading, copy editing and copywriting.

Since then I have worked for a wide range of clients, from solopreneurs launching new ventures to well-established international retailers. I have also written a memoir that will be published by Granta in March 2018 (read more on this here).

I live in Lewes, East Sussex with my husband, four children and various animals. I love to walk on the Downs, cook, swim wild and read. And to write. Always to write.


You can also find me messing about on Twitter here: @tallulahloorah

And being awfully serious on LinkedIn here